2009-12-08 Meeting Notes

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Standard Agenda Items

  • Financial update (Mark)
    • Monies Out
    • Monies In
  • Membership update (Matt)
  • Events & Info
  • Check action items

Special Items

  • New Stuff/Sorting
    • Alan went down to a friends basement and helped to clean it out
      1. Goals: Sort, bins, boxes
      2. Proposal that as members we each put in 10-15 minutes or organizing
  • New Class Ideas
      1. Marks workshop
      2. Homebrew workshop
      3. RFID drinking thing (Patrick Roanhouse)
      4. Soldering Workshops
      • Arduino
      • Minty Boost
      1. Homemade instruments and therimin guy (Alan Grover)
      2. Intro to Programming in January with Matt F
  • Beer Issue
    • Issue is that no one drinks the sodas, apparently beer is popular. We'll buy more.
  • Todd's Membership
    • I's are in favor, Todd Miller is a member now
  • Dues Tin
    • We talked about it
  • Avery's Thang
    • Avery has a room on AirBnB.com and if we have speakers come in we can put them up there in exchange for dues.
    • Vote: Exchange 1 stay a month not to exceed 3 days, for a months rent up to a total of three months worth of rent.
  • PARTY ideas
    • 010110 011010 011110
    • 3.14 day
  • Internet
    • Keep an eye out for DOCSIS 3.0 service in our area


  • Call to action, we need boxes and bins!
  • We resolve to build shelves, look for cubbies and we as a group will sort our stuff
  • Follow up on workshop ideas
  • Kelly should talk with Sherwin about


  • Alan Baumumsch
  • Mark Huson
  • Jon Lesser
  • Matthew Forr
  • Avery Boyce
  • Patrick Roanhouse
  • Kelly Eagan
  • Sepideh Miller
  • Alan Grover
  • Todd Holmberg