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Dues and the processing fee[edit source]

We've got a $1.75 fee listed as the cost for a $50 transaction, which is true when the transaction is exactly $50. Unfortunately, if people pay $51.75 the fee goes up to $1.80, which means we still only get $49.95. $2 will cover it completely (processing fee on a $52 transaction is ~$1.81), $51.82 is a close approximation of $50 + fee, but we might consider writing $50 in the credits column and $1.75 in the debits column and just move on.

That is, $50 is $50, whether you pay online, by check, or by bank wire transfer. That would cost us $1.75 for every person that pays online, though.

Abachman 15:38, 31 July 2009 (UTC)