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This is a project page for ideas, notes and research related to a project in conjunction with Load of Fun to create a Low Res display for the roof of the building.

The idea is to do something along the lines of Blinkenlights or GRL Drive-In GIF Theater.

Some initial ideas:

  • Create a standard screen (something like 4:3 or 16:9)
  • Create a marquee style display which is longer and extends along the edge of the building.
  • Create a cylindrical display. This seems the most unique. Also it has the advantage of being visible from all angles.

I did a mock up a couple of variations of the cylindrical display. The dimensions are 16 x 72 pixels and 24 x 72 pixels. You can view the video here. Both of these display could be done for around $3500 if we kept the cost per pixel under $3 and $2 respectively. This of course does not include cost of any structural parts and a computer and other electronics.

Discussion[edit | edit source]

  • The video looks awesome. The cylinder is much more dynamic than a standard billboard. Perhaps angled sides such that the profile would would be an inverted trapezoid or a section of a cone in 3d space. (see asci sketch).
\      /
 \    /
  \  /
  • putting each pixel in its own box with a diffuser would give a more continuous feel.


  • This piece by Angela Bulloch uses pixel boxes to render a BBC newscast.

Angela Bulloch.jpg

  • Conrad is local and doing cool stuff.