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We need to replace the current overhead lights with something more efficient. The area under the overhang is also under lit.

Buying Options[edit | edit source]

Fixtures[edit | edit source]

  • Shop lights available at Wal-Mart, etc for $9.82.
  • Lamp cord have a light socket on one end and a plug on the other. Ikea sells the Hemma for $3.99.
  • Torchiere lamps are cheap and safe with CFLs. Ikea sells the uber cheap NOT for $6.99.
  • Hanging Lamp have a socket and shade together hanging from a cord. Ikea's Foto is $19.99 for the 15 incher.

Bulbs[edit | edit source]

  • Compact Florescent (CFL) bulbs use about 1/4 the energy of incandescent bulbs. Wal-Mart sells a 26 Watt (100W Equivalent) 6 pack for $15.16 ($2.52 each). Lots of other place to shop for these.
  • Florescent Tubes use 40 watts each for standard 48" T12 bulbs. The tubes are pretty cheap at Home Depot. Amazon has a 10-pack for for $28.90.

Energy Costs[edit | edit source]

Electricity in Baltimore runs about 12 cents per Kilowatt Hour.

Watts Cost per Hour Cost per Month (4 hours daily) Cost per Month (8 hours daily)
1500 $0.18 $21.60 $43.20
640 $0.0768 $9.22 $18.44
260 $0.0312 $3.74 $7.48
40 $0.0048 $0.576 $1.152
26 $0.00312 $0.3744 $0.7488

Sketches[edit | edit source]

You can download the SketchUp file here: File:Lighting.skp.

Main Area[edit | edit source]

The current overhead lighting is tracks of 50 Watt halogen bulbs. They draw around 1500 Watts. There is wiring in the ceiling connected to a switch near the purple door leading to the gallery. The ceiling is about 14' 8" high.

Current Lights.jpg

Using Shop Lights[edit | edit source]

Two lines of four shop lights, each with two bulbs would draw 640 Watts. Cost for fixtures and bulbs would be around $130.

Lighting Shop Lights2.pngLighting Shop Lights.png

Using Just Bulbs[edit | edit source]

We could replace the current fixtures with outlets, plug in lamp cords, and just dangle some light bulbs. Ten 26W CFLs (100W equivalent) would draw just 260W. Cost for fixtures and bulbs would be around $70.

Just CF Bulbs

Using Bulbs with Shades[edit | edit source]

Same idea as just bulbs above, but with some shades. These 23" ball shades are $6.00 at Ikea, bringing the total cost to $130.

LightingBalls2.png LightingBalls.png

Hanging Lights[edit | edit source]

The Ikea Foto is large and nice looking. Four with bulbs would run about $90 but only draw 104W using 26W CFLs (100W equivalent). We could start with four and add more if we need more light.

Lighting Foto Ligts.png

Under Over Hang Area[edit | edit source]

The area under the over hang currently has one light bulb and a very old switch that needs to be covered or replaced. Some options for better lighting:

  • Using 4 Shop lights ($50 total)
  • Using 4 Ikea Not Lamps ($28 total)

LightingLowAreaShopLights.png LightingLowAreaNots.png