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When soliciting donations from companies, it's customary to have a letter from the organization explaining what you're asking for. The letter should be on official letterhead and be signed by officers or board members. Things to include in the letter:

  • Who is asking for the donation?
  • What are you asking for? ( Be specific- not just clothing but infant clothing, or cookies and cupcakes for 50 people rather than baked goods)
  • Why are you asking for this donation?
  • Who will the donation benefit?
  • What can the donator gain from donating to your group, club or project? (free advertisement by your posting a list of all the donators, recognition in the community if the event is in the local area and/or printed in the newspaper, a tax deduction, and donations to local groups, clubs, or projects are good for public relations and business.)
  • Thank the business in advance for considering donating to your group, club, or project.
  • The name and phone number of a contact person (from the group).
  • Signatures – all group members, or the contact person, or “major” group members (i.e.: president, Vice President, Chairman, Board Members etc. )

This page explains request letters and includes a sample letter:

Solicitation Strategy[edit | edit source]

The general approach is to get in touch with a manager, briefly pitch the Node and what we need, hand off the donation request letter, answer any questions, and hope for the best. Companies like Home Depot have a budget for giving to communities groups like us. The home depot website says to approach store managers directly to ask for small grants (sub $1000).

Companies to approach for donations[edit | edit source]

This is a real hodgepodge at this point. Some better leads are needed.

Here is a list of local companies that might throw us a bone if they are willing to support local community groups.

Letter Text[edit | edit source]