2015-03-29 Meeting Notes

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Vote to move to reddawg's place

  • Passed.
  • Aim to be out of here by 4/30.
    • New owners seem relaxed about end date.
  • Volunteer movers: Hasdai, Mark Huson, Robyn

State of the node

  • $4k in account
  • 31 paying members
  • Big thanks to Hasdai for outreach.

Upcoming Outreach Opportunities

  • RobotFest the weekend we're moving
  • Kathleen offers to help w/ artscape
  • Y-not ?


  • Officially 501c3
    • Mark's lawyer friend Jack gets a big hand
  • MD taxes up to date
  • Federal taxes catching up

Updated membership agreement

  • Add list of tools, esp. dangerous ones, for sign-off-on.
  • Drop expensive keys
  • Add student/family membership rates
  • Jack added a few clauses to liability & volunteer & contract law
  • Non-members should not be using heavy power tools w/o signing release of liability form, incl. power tools section. (incl soldering irons)
    • Point people at Tool Library's safety course, but not required.
    • Tag tools w/ QR codes for docs & friends.
  • "Free workshop access" becomes "free/reduced cost + material costs"
  • "Student rate" guideline at best. "Alternative Membership Dues" section of bylaws.
  • Vote passed unanimously.

Meeting notes to wiki forever

  • Archives, too, if possible

Intro for new members / open hack

  • small projects / howtos?
  • New visitor concierge bell.
  • Member board in new space
    • Nametags, esp. for officers?

Layout of new space

New Officers

  • Pres: Maze runs again, unopposed.
  • Vice: Hasdai steps down, Robin runs unopposed.
  • Secretary: Me, again, unopposed. I voted against me, all others aye.
  • Treasurer: Kevin, again, unopposed.
    • Note that 501(c)3 implies no more free dues for treasurer.

Moving Budget

  • Up-to $750 budget for moving, new space improvements, etc.
    • Don't have to pay last month rent here.
  • Motion to raise amount to $1000. Passed.
  • Vote passed on amended motion.

Officers fund

  • Acknowledged that we have officers discretionary fund of up-to $300/quarter.
  • Moved to up-to $300/mo. Passed.
  • Vote passed.

Moving Notes

  • Jess asks if there is a central location of moving notes.
    • I'll make a Google doc, we'll post to mailing list