2009-08-18 Meeting Notes

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Agenda[edit | edit source]

Standard Agenda Items[edit | edit source]

  • Find a volunteer to play secretary.
  • Financial update.
  • Membership update.
  • Short notes on personal projects. Six words about what's at the top of your list.
  • Events - supremely brief mention of upcoming events and pointers to info.

Special Items[edit | edit source]

  • Brief discussion of potential ignite after party to bring everyone up to speed on what is being considered. Further planning to happen offline.
  • Discussion of the next priorities for getting the space ready for working
  • When to hold officer elections?
  • Officially adopt logo (See upper left of this wiki)
  • Discuss possibility of getting keypad lock for front door.

Decisions[edit | edit source]

  • Officer Elections will be held in two week at our regular meeting on Tuesday September 1st. Please review the election procedure in the bylaws.
  • We will have a final vote on logos at our regular meeting on Tuesday, September 1st. If you want to enter a logo for consideration, send it out to the discussion list.

Attending[edit | edit source]

Members in attendance[edit | edit source]

  • Alan Grover
  • Patrick
  • Kelly
  • Jon Lesser
  • Mark
  • Matthew Forr
  • Sepideh
  • Steve

Non-members in attendance[edit | edit source]

  • Trevor
  • Jimmy
  • Paul
  • Todd

Minutes[edit | edit source]

  1. Matt volunteered to be secretary for the meetings
  2. Financial Updates
    1. $1,3xx.00 in the bank
  3. Membership Update
    1. 17
    2. Two more potential members in September
  4. Talk on personal projects
    1. Kelly talks about the Low Res Film Festival on the roof
      1. Grant has been submitted by Sherwin
    2. Went around the room with what’s going on and there was all sorts of stuff
      1. You had to be there
  5. Events
    1. MP3Car event
      1. They were looking for help and if you would like further details go to the wiki where it will direc
    2. Pedal Mod workshop
      1. Matt and Erich are organizing
      2. Looking for a speaker
      3. You bring the kit/pedal we bring the shop
    3. Arduino Followup workshop
      1. Who
        1. Alan might be leading
      2. What
        1. Possibly something with sensors
      3. Where
        1. The space
      4. When
        1. Future
    4. Party Planning Committee
      1. Something after ignite
        1. Observations can we get people after ignite?
          1. 200-300 people
          2. Ignite is on a thursday
        2. Mark has volunteered as party guy
        3. The Loft is 300+
  6. Annual meeting
    1. This will be two weeks from the 18th.
    2. Matt has been nominated for Secretary by Mark
    3. This meeting needs to be announced and promoted
    4. Patrick thinks we should separate officers and board members
    5. Patrick also wants to be a board member
    6. Mark says he will not be smearing anybody in the campaign
  7. Logo
    1. Aaron has a logo in the works
    2. Vote to move it to the annual meeting
      1. Yeas have it
    3. We should send out a call to arms about the variations of logos and a call for more logos
  8. Key & Lock
    1. Keycode is an option for $200
      1. We agreed that we would consider this option when a key was lost and it would be necessary to change the lock
    2. Sepideh and Alan express their concern about the lost key fee
    3. Make sure you get a green key not a red key
  9. Getting the Space Organized
    1. Tables are setup
    2. We now have power
      1. We will need to get AC and Heat installed
      2. Can we purchase an extension cord or something to run power down to the center of tables
      3. Rubber mat to cover power cords run to the center of the table
    3. Chairs
      1. We need chairs, acquire
        1. CDM Electronics
        1. Restor – check
        2. Loading Dock
        3. Craigslist
      2. Ideal situation would be a pile of alike chairs that stack
    4. Tools
      1. What can we move into here?
        1. Alan has
          1. Radial arm saw
          2. Drill press
          3. Various hand tools
      2. How can we manage all the donations and loans
        1. Inventory systems have been proposed
        2. Donations becoming a liability over an asset
    5. Let’s define what we want
      1. Large tools
        1. Drill press
      2. Furniture
      3. Small tools
      4. Let’s vote on the large items and furniture
    6. The loft
      1. There is concern about beams
        1. Wood beams
        2. Steel beams
        3. Down beams
        4. Ray beams
      2. Cost
      3. Bottom of the listed
    7. The Lights
      1. We want cooler cheaper lights
      2. We currently use 250watts per set of 6 lights there are 8 sets
      3. Drop lights with a chandelier
      4. Lets do some research and take it to the discussion list
  10. Agreed priorities
    1. Lights
    2. Chairs
    3. Organizational furniture
      1. Server rack
    4. Large tools
  11. Meeting adjourned