2009-08-04 Meeting Notes

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Location[edit | edit source]

Baltimore Node Workshop @ 7:30

Agenda[edit | edit source]

  1. Discuss the space and what will go in it
  2. Answer questions for non-members and members
  3. Work out details about the DIY Mod your pedal workshop

People in Attendance[edit | edit source]

  • Todd
  • Adam
  • Alan
  • Michael
  • Joel
  • Zach
  • Martin
  • Steve
  • Matthew
  • Erich
  • Eric
  • Sepideh
  • Matt
  • Dave
  • Gary
  • Venkatesh
  • Avery
  • James
  • Nathaniel
  • Aaron
  • Suhas

Decisions Made[edit | edit source]

  • Avery with the help of Wes will organize the incoming equipment
  • We will be stripping and painting the space Saturday morning
  • Details of the DIY Mod your pedal workshop will be determined online

Action Items[edit | edit source]

  • Alan will contact a contractor he knows to see if he could design a structure for us
  • Acquire paint
  • Acquire a really big AC unit
    • there's already a window unit sitting on the floor in the corner. the previous tenants will be leaving it. Abachman 19:38, 5 August 2009 (UTC)

Minutes[edit | edit source]

  • Introductions
    • Someone took attendance on a notepad (Aaron Brewer?)
  • Gary from Robot Fest cordially invited us to Electronica Fest,
    • tickets are $6 and if you would like to come it’s September 5th
    • There will be a Theremin workshop and you can purchase a kit on site
    • He is looking for workshop volunteers (would you like to teach something?) and logistics volunteers, get a hold of him for more info. Where’s his contact info?
    • more details at http://www.nationalelectronicsmuseum.org/’
  • Space Discussion
    • We need rules on how to handle donations, loans and personal projects
    • There will need to be an inventory system and we will need to define what goes into the inventory (loans?)
    • Furnishing and initial spec up
      • Avery volunteered to be the Czar organize what we have and figure out how to make it fit with the help of Wes
      • Alan said he would contact a contractor friend of his to assess the space and determine what kind of structure we could potentially build
    • After the meeting we started taking down the wallpaper and will now need to pain
    • It was decided that we will need to procure the biggest AC that can fit in the area above the doorway
  • Membership
    • There was a discussion about trust and keys and perhaps we should amend the bylaws, options proposed:
      • Deposit on the key
      • Must be a member for ‘X’ months
      • Must pay ‘X’ months of dues in advance
    • Voting people in, when is that going to start?
    • How will we handle things being stolen/broken
  • Blog/Website
    • It was proposed that we create a federated blog that combines the blogs of multiple members into one blog
    • We need clearly present information on the website (contact info of our members, twitter directory?)
    • Czar of web was proposed
    • I’m adding that we need a small web development/design committee, preferably someone that can mock it up and someone that can build it out
  • E-Waste
    • Recycling program to move things out on a regular basis, I think this will go under maintaining the space
  • DIY Mod Shop
    • We concluded that we would work out a day to do this via the discussion list
    • We decided that we will work with multiple kits
    • Matt volunteered to coordinate the workshop and Erich volunteered to teach the electronics component
      • There was a request for someone to explain the science behind sound modulation