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As of 2009, the wiki has been updated to be a little easier to use. But, for the time being, John Milner has taken up the mantle of administrating the wiki, and fixing it when something seems broken.


Tips page on how to use the Wiki.

To add a signature: ~~~ for your username. ~~~~ for your username and time stamp.

To create a new Meeting Page using the Template: {{subst:Meeting Notes}} save and edit

We're using the SendGrid extension for email now, but it didn't respect MediaWiki:Emailsender. Here's a quick hack to fix that:

diff --git a/SendGridHooks.php b/SendGridHooks.php
 index c11a1ca..e47db92 100644
 --- a/SendGridHooks.php
 +++ b/SendGridHooks.php
 @@ -63,7 +63,9 @@ class SendGridHooks {
                 // Get $to and $from email addresses from the array and MailAddress object respectively
 -               $from = new SendGrid\Email( null, $from->address );
 +               global $wgEnotifUseRealName;
 +               $from_name = ( $wgEnotifUseRealName && $from->realName !== '' ) ? $from->realName : $from->name;
 +               $from = new SendGrid\Email( $from_name, $from->address );
                 $to = new SendGrid\Email( null, $to[0]->address );
                 $body = new SendGrid\Content( "text/plain", $body );
                 $mail = new SendGrid\Mail( $from, $subject, $to, $body );