We Have A Wiki?

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TL;DR: Register here on the Wiki, troubleshoot here on the Forums.

How do I get on the Wiki?

I heard that the Node has a wiki, but I can't really find it.

Looking for the Wiki. Maybe it's over here?

What am I to do if I ever find the wiki?

Be amazed. Consider yourself lucky! Once you're done celebrating...

Create an account or Log in.

Creating an account


  • A username (like "Wikifinder" or "Champion")
  • An email address
  • A name you use, in society
  • Six sequential words for your bio (like, I think I found the wiki.)
  • (Optional) An actual bio, for people to read.
  • (Optional) Anything else on the form


  1. Open this page in a new tab and submit the form: Special:RequestAccount.
  2. Look at your in-box for an email with the subject: Baltimore Node Wiki email address confirmation. Confirm your email address by navigating the link.
  3. Get approved by an admin, see "Administrative Assistance".
  4. Log in using the info in your email.
  5. Success! Now you can edit the wiki.

Administrative Assistance

After you've created an account, bug someone (email root@baltimorenode.org) with admin privileges to look for you in the New Accounts Queue, which is here: Special:ConfirmAccounts . Centuries later Soon, you will get an email asking you to set your new password.

Once you've gotten onto the wiki

Cherish it. Love it. Let it never be neglected again.

Once you've gotten onto the wiki, your new purpose is to help others find the wiki.