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Dealing with stuff at the Node

I went through and simplified this a bit. Took out a lot of excess categories. I think some clear labels, maybe Adam's tape idea, or just text staying what category things fall in and who they belong too would be great. Rather than label absolutely everything certain things can just be put in a box a labeled x. Kellyegan 19:22, 27 August 2009 (UTC)

Diagram of possible workflow

Apologies to the late George Carlin.


There are three kinds of things at the node:

  1. Donations (Node property)
  2. Loans
  3. Member property


Donations are items given to the Node outright and are the Nodes to decide how to use. Donations should be marked on "the donations clipboard" (virtual or otherwise) with relevant info and clearly labeled.

  • Donors may ask that certain equipment be used in a certain way but ultimately donations are Node property.
  • Donors wishing a receipt for a donation should contact the treasurer or other officer.

Once an item is donated it may be divided into these categories:

  1. Raw material/scavenged - Consumables items meant for use/reuse: part scavenging, power tool race cars, whatever. Everything defaults to raw material unless otherwise specified.
  2. Tools - These items are donated with the intent that they be used in their current or repaired state. Tool items should not be scavenged. Example: a belt sander that should not be made into a power tool race car.
  3. Other purpose - If an item is needed for a specific purpose (parts for particular workshop, item to sell at auction, etc. ) it should be clearly labeled with such intent.
  4. Discard. - Why did you leave it here? Too lazy to find a dumpster?


"Here it is, I'll be wantin' it back, so take care of it." Limited to tools for use. Loans should be marked on "the clipboard" with relevant info and clearly labeled.

  • Loans should not leave the space except in the possession of their original owner.
  • Tool loaners are responsible for clearly labeling items as loans and with their name.
  • The owner of the loaned tool must agree to hold the Node harmless should the loaned tool be damaged, lost, or stolen. Loan terms form
    • I can handle that, but if you break my circular saw by dropping it off the roof, I'm coming after you. Abachman 21:30, 27 August 2009 (UTC)
  • Loaned tools may be used by any member, so long as they're able to use the tool safely and without damaging it.
  • You can't loan consumables, just like you can't borrow a tissue. Consumable should be donations or member property.

Member property

Members may keep a small amount of personal property at the Node. This property should be confined to a specified member storage area and be clearly labeled with the member's name. If a member needs additional space for a short period of time they should bring it up to the group.

Discard policy/quarterly sweeps

The Node will conduct quarterly(sooner if needed) sweep of items in the space.

  1. Scavenge/raw materials will be cut down to a specified space, size constraint.
  2. Tools and large items will be evaluated for usefulness (has it been used recently? is there member support for keeping it?).
  3. Loaned items may need to be returned to the owner. Owners should be prepared to take them back, but will be given a reasonable period to pick them up.
  4. Members should be prepared to remove any excess items left at the Node.

Things already promised

Electronics Parts

  • CRT Monitor - Mark
  • 19" LCD Monitor - Mark
  • Apple G4 Tower - Mark
  • Lockable Server Rack - Mark
  • USB Microscope - Intel QX3 - Mark
  • Old Serial GPS - Mark*2
  • Boxes of old PC power supplies - Roj
  • Bag of Nokia 7610 camera phone (6?) with bluetooth and 1mp cameras (willing to donate)- Jon
  • iPaq with 802.11, bluetooth (willing to donate) - Jon
  • Pharos bluetooth unit with usb cable and wireless bluetooth block (willing to donate)- Jon
  • Palm Pilot III (willing to donate) - Jon
  • Palm Vx - Mark
  • Sharp Zaurus SL-5000 - Mark
  • Box of computer cables (SATA, IDE, Floppy, NEMA-15, etc)
  • Netgear WNR834B - Matt
  • Skype Phone - Matt
  • Small usb mice & hubs - Matt
  • iPod docking station - Matt
  • 400-600VA battery backup - Matt
  • bag of 4 or 5 sprint CDMA phones and batteries - Adam.
  • Receipt Printer - Aaron
  • Point-of-Sale LED Display - Aaron
  • LOTS of various cords and cables - Aaron
  • MIDI controller - Aaron
  • Intuos3 Wacom Tablet - Aaron
  • TRENDnet TEW 637AP Product Page Mdshw5


  • Old Athlon PC - Matt
  • Old PC, needs new HDD perhaps - Erich
  • Dual Xeon PC - Aaron
  • Fujitsu Lifebook P Series Tablet w/ Broken Screen, great as low power PC - Mark


  • Soldering Iron - Mark
  • Soldering Iron - Matt
  • Small Spool of solder - Matt
  • Small Spool of wire - Matt
  • 10" compound miter saw with table and blades for wood and non-ferrous metals - Jon
  • Vintage Rockwell/Delta table saw, far from a Unisaw, but with cast iron top and good fence. We probably don't have room in a place like Load of Fun. (willing to donate) - Jon
  • Porter and Cable palm sander - Jon
  • 4-40, 10-24, and 1/4-20 taps, tap wrench, and tapping fluid - Jon
  • Sand paper - Jon
  • Block plane - Jon
  • Set of swiss cut metal files - Jon
  • Standard and Metric socket sets - Jon
  • Standard and Metric combination wrenches - Jon
  • 6061 aluminum bar stock in assorted sizes and lengths (willing to donate) - Jon
  • 3/8 drill - Jon
  • 9volt cordless drill - Matt
  • Set of metric allen wrenches - Matt

Furniture and furnishings

  • Small Computer Desk - Mark
  • Thin Bookshelf - Mark
  • A Hammock! -Aaron
  • Microwave - Todd
  • Toaster Oven - Mark

Things we will need to buy or have donated

  • Alligator Clips, Round Test Hooks, Flat Test Tweezers
  • Cork board or homasote for bulletin boards.
  • Big Ole Spool of Solder
  • Bigger Ole Spool of Wire
  • Power Supplies - Easy to make from old computer power supply
  • Firstaid kit
  • Some sort of tool/parts organization scheme
  • A Fridge
  • Lockers or separated storage. Small Lockers Mehuman

Things we would like to buy or have donated

  • Laser Cutter
  • Oscilliscope - There was a guy at Charmsec who was willing to donate an analog scope. I'll talk to him at their next meeting and get more info - Mark
  • BNC Cables - (Need these if we are getting an oscilloscope)
  • Extension cords (always handy)
  • A fan
  • A sewing machine


Things that are actually in the space.


  • Window unit A/C Abachman 00:01, 8 August 2009 (UTC)


  • 2x Drafting Tables thanks to Alter Communications
  • Fan (used to oscillate)
  • Full height Delta drill press, all cast iron (willing to donate) - Jon