Things to fill the Space

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Some things I'm willing to donate flat out. However, with regards to some tools, I would be willing to let them live there, be used, accept some inevitable level of theft and disappearance, but eventually take them with me in the event I moved away. -Jonlesser 00:18, 4 July 2009 (UTC)

Things we already have


  • Soldering Iron - Mark
  • Soldering Iron - Matt
  • Small Spool of solder - Matt
  • Small Spool of wire - Matt
  • Thin Bookshelf - Mark
  • CRT Monitor - Mark
  • 19" LCD Monitor - Mark
  • Apple G4 Tower - Mark
  • Small Computer Desk - Mark
  • Lockable Server Rack - Mark
  • USB Microscope - Intel QX3 - Mark
  • Old Serial GPS - Mark*2
  • Boxes of old PC power supplies - Roj
  • Bag of Nokia 7610 camera phone (6?) with bluetooth and 1mp cameras (willing to donate)- Jon
  • iPaq with 802.11, bluetooth (willing to donate) - Jon
  • Pharos bluetooth unit with usb cable and wireless bluetooth block (willing to donate)- Jon
  • Palm Pilot III (willing to donate) - Jon
  • Palm Vx - Mark
  • Sharp Zaurus SL-5000 - Mark
  • Box of computer cables (SATA, IDE, Floppy, NEMA-15, etc)
  • Netgear WNR834B - Matt
  • Skype Phone - Matt
  • Small usb mice & hubs - Matt
  • iPod docking station - Matt
  • 400-600VA battery backup - Matt
  • Old Athlon PC - Matt


  • Full height Delta drill press, all cast iron (willing to donate) - Jon
  • 10" compound miter saw with table and blades for wood and non-ferrous metals - Jon
  • Vintage Rockwell/Delta table saw, far from a Unisaw, but with cast iron top and good fence. We probably don't have room in a place like Load of Fun. (willing to donate) - Jon
  • Porter and Cable palm sander - Jon
  • 4-40, 10-24, and 1/4-20 taps, tap wrench, and tapping fluid - Jon
  • Sand paper - Jon
  • Block plane - Jon
  • Set of swiss cut metal files - Jon
  • Standard and Metric socket sets - Jon
  • Standard and Metric combination wrenches - Jon
  • 6061 aluminum bar stock in assorted sizes and lengths (willing to donate) - Jon
  • 3/8 drill - Jon

Things we will need to buy or have donated

  • Alligator Clips, Round Test Hooks, Flat Test Tweezers
  • Cork board or homasote for bulletin boards.
  • Big Ole Spool of Solder
  • Bigger Ole Spool of Wire
  • Power Supplies - Easy to make from old computer power supply
  • Tables - Perhaps Saw Horses and wood to start
    • We have two cubicles filled with furniture at my office, I'll see what's available
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Firstaid kit

Things we would like to buy or have donated

  • Laser Cutter
  • Oscilliscope - There was a guy at Charmsec who was willing to donate an analog scope. I'll talk to him at their next meeting and get more info - Mark
  • Extension cords (always handy)
  • A fan