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2019 wiki reboot


I noticed a many of our pages are brimming with information that's about 10 years old. As I update the wiki, I might create new pages under the old names and rename old pages with "(2009)" at the end. That's just one option. I'm interested in keeping the history accessible, while also allowing the wiki pages to grow afresh with the our new membership. A simpler alternative would be to nuke pages with major edits and let the "history" button take care of the archiving.

MediaWiki upgrades

==== OpenHack 2019-01-17: Rich Text Jnm and I upgraded the MediaWiki installation to add rich-text editing.


2019 - Meetup Calendar

I usually tell people to check the Meetup these days, so I've changed the Main page accordingly.

  • --P2 (talk) 02:01, 20 January 2019 (UTC)

2009 - Google Calendar, RSS

To find out what's going on at the Node, check out our Events Calendar! Stay on top of events with RSS and iCal feeds.

The events calendar (as it appears here) doesn't make a clear distinction between things that are Node and things that just happen to be interesting. For example, the Electronica Fest and the MP3Car cookout aren't connected in any way to Node officially, they're just events that may be interesting to some subset of folks who are interested in Node. I'm going to try splitting the frontpage calendar into "Upcoming Events", "Weekly Recurring Events" (similar to noisebridge's front page), and "In the Community" where people can add stuff arbitrarily.