RFID door lock

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Here is Makers Local 256's version of what we are thinking of doing.


Issues we face in the Load of Fun

  • Will be internal requiring access to two doors
  • Should very cheap enough to replace all artists keys or work with the current lock system
  • Should have an option to buzz people in for visitors

Hardware/Possible solutions

  • Jeenodes for wireless communication
    • Do they have enough range?
  • Ethernet shield and web server
    • would require people to be on the loadoffun wireless to buzz people in
    • could store access keys locally incase server melts down
  • Electric door strike
    • we have one but from our tests it will not work on the outside door. Great for door to studio
  • Electromagnetic lock
    • requires a battery backup incase power goes out
    • requires a button to be pressed to exit