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this is the baltimore node wiki

Please feel free to peruse and edit. This site is intended as the online brain of the Baltimore Node hackerspace, circa June 2009.

2009-06-11 Meeting Notes - the first big meeting.

Project Proposals - Share your ideas for projects. Things you want to work on, things you want the group to work on, things you'd like to see taught or workshopped. This is where we'll collate notes for our monthly or semi-monthly meetings. If you want some help clarifying your ideas, the discussion list would probably be the best place for that.

Finding a space - Research and findings related to space acquisition. If you've got a lead, put it here.

Structure and organization - this is how we roll.

Membership - joining baltimore node.

Outreach and inclusion - a list of groups, organizations, and populations in the baltimore area we want to reach out to to make sure they know we exist (e.g., diy/electronic music, interactive and multimedia artists, colleges and universities). If you know anyone related to or connected to a group on the list, talk to them and tell them what we're trying to do and find out how we can help them do what they do.

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