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Welcome to the baltimore node wiki! Please feel free to peruse and edit. This site is intended as the online brain of the Baltimore Node hackerspace, circa June 2009.


We're currently in the process of finalizing the lease on a space in the LoadOfFun building, 120 W North Ave. with the goal of opening our doors around the first week of August.

Important Dates

Events Archive

Quick links

Ideas, making, fun

  • Publicity - How to contact us and past publicity.
  • Project Proposals - Share your ideas for projects. Things you want to work on, things you think other people should work on, things you'd like to learn more about. If you want some help clarifying your ideas, the discussion list would probably be the best place for that.
  • Event Proposals - Share your ideas for events or workshops you'd like to host, teach, or run at the Node's space.
  • Workshop1 - Code and links from the arduino-powered, Twitterable Ambient Orb.
  • Challenges - Creativity thrives in competition? Maybe. Add your challenge ideas. Baltimore Node XPrize, ftw!


  • Things to fill the Space - Stuff we've got and stuff we need.
  • 501(c)(3) process - A place to document the process of becoming a 501(c)3 and show where we are in the process.
  • Grants - possible sources of funding
  • Parts store - small consumables to keep at the Node in return for small donations
  • Outreach and inclusion - a list of groups, organizations, and populations in the baltimore area we want to reach out to to make sure they know we exist (e.g., diy/electronic music, interactive and multimedia artists, colleges and universities). If you know anyone related to or connected to a group on the list, talk to them and tell them what we're trying to do and find out how we can help them do what they do.
  • Logo idea
  • Mo money... - A foray into the awesome science of starting a hackerspace.
  • Version Zero - While we aspire to great things across all of this, our fair city of Baltimore, We have to start somewhere. This is the proposal.
  • Finding a space - Research and findings related to space acquisition. If you've got a lead, put it here.

Founding documents

Becoming a Member

Meeting Notes

Communication Channels

Mailing Lists

  • Discussion list: Get your geek on, find help with projects, ask questions, get directions to the next meeting, share awesome findings, suggest projects
  • Announcement list: Low traffic list just for receiving announcements. Subscribe to this list only if you do not want to receive discussion emails. If you are on the Discussion list, you will receive all announcements automatically.

ToDo List

  • Draft Membership Dues policy (Jon or anyone)
  • Settle on an "official logo"
  • Stop Hacking and start selling tacos!