Fall 2010 Workshops

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Planning for the fall workshop schedule.


Sortable table
Workshop title Description Teachers* Students Price / student Duration When Requirements
Intro to soldering Students would learn the basics of soldering using an inexpensive electronics kit. Kellyegan, (add your name here) Add your name here $10-$15? 1.5 hours? Recurring
Explore Processing From zero to something. Jam Session, intro, advanced topics. Jesse Kriss (guest teacher!) http://jklabs.net and Abachman Students $0 a few hours Wednesday, August 11, 7:30 PM
Web Application Programming Learn what happens when you click submit by building a simple web application with a variety of software tools. Colin Freas Some web design/programming experience required $? several sessions fall
Intro to Combat Robotics Learn basics of building and competing in combat robotics Eric Blade Students Free 1-2 hrs (A Friday Evening in Sep. ?)
Title Description (copy this row to add a workshop) Teachers Students Price / student Duration When Requirements
Workshop title Description Teacher? Students Price / student Duration When Requirements
  • Its OK to have multiple teachers and in fact preferred. The workshop might be run twice and it is often easier to co-teach a workshop so if you think you can teach something and wouldn't mind add your name to the list.

Workshop Ideas

Things that you'd like to lead, teach, or attend, but the details are fuzzy and you're not sure if anyone is interested.

Using and Abusing the Command Line - know where you are and what you're doing. Be more confident with your `rm -rf *`s. Don't Repeat Yourself (write a script!). Make processes your children. I can teach this one, but I'd probably require some lesson plan assistance. Abachman