Annual Goals

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Goals for the organization for the coming year:

  • More Community Outreach
    • Open houses that target specific groups
    • Metrics: How many organizations, how many meaningful interactions have we had
  • Node Awesome Grants
    • Using them as the lubricant to make projects happen
    • Goal to give out 3-5
  • Open Hacks booked for every Thursday night
    • We're going to put it on the VP to make sure people are signed up for the Open Hack
      • Votes Approved
  • More space organization
    • Metric is people are able to find what they need when they needed and there is more spots to work
  • More events
    • Goal of x events per month
    • Goal of x parties per month
    • Develop a framework that helps people execute workshops/events
  • Goal of more publicity
    • Increase documentation of projects by all members at all times across all forms
  • Develop a framework for maintaing an inventory of parts
  • Build a board of advisors

These goals were established on 2010-03-27