2010-08-10 Meeting Notes

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Special Agenda Items

  • Clean up is Saturday
  • Boarduino workshop is coming up
    • Order parts {MATT}
    • Get flyers made and spread out {MATT}
    • Get in touch with people who may come to the event. {MATT}
    • Plan curriculum {MATT,MARTY}
    • Find one other person to help run the event {MATT,MARTY}

Standard Agenda Items

  • Financials
    • Monies In
      •  ?
    • Monies Out
      •  ?
  • Memberships
    • none, but there was a new guy (Alonso) who was very interested.
  • Upcoming Events
    • Processing Aug 12, Max/MSP Aug 23, Boarduino buildfest Aug 28


  • Adam
  • Amy
  • Luke
  • Marty
  • Matt

Couldn't vote for anything because there weren't enough people here, so we just hung out and drank a few lukewarm beers.