2010-07-26 Meeting Notes

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OFFICIAL BUSINESS[edit | edit source]

  • buy more beer {KTHXBYE}
  • welcome {KTHXBYE}
  • members and stuff {}
    • Henry. (startups & web tech "Rate Your Study Abroad") {KTHXBYE}
    • Amy (new to bmore, comp-sci thesis workin', crafts, tech, HCI) {KTHXBYE}
    • Luke. (new to bmore, EE, toy invention studio, wants to help folks, embedded systems, programming, lookin' to learn) {KTHXBYE}
  • Kelly needs more keys, use beer tin money, like 5. $75 {KTHXBYE}
  • dues, wtf? Amazon, bye bye. Paypal? Authorize.net. Approve treasurer exploration? approved {KTHXBYE}
  • Awesome Grant for power tool drag races. approved {KTHXBYE}
  • Matt has talked to Sherwin about more space, but we haven't heard back. {KTHXBYE}
  • highlandtown, ben walsh?, 30000 to 40000 sqft. Mark's visiting Tuesday, Aug 3.
  • renew space search? perhaps, casual.

Workshops[edit | edit source]

Why do workshops[edit | edit source]

Not so much for money. We want to be involved. we want to do awesome things. We want to talk about stuff we like.

Potential Workshop Topics[edit | edit source]

  • Intro to Arduino. {REGULAR}
    • Intro to basic topics in technology {every time}
      • Intro to electronics.
      • Intro to embedded systems.
    • LED flashing thing. {one time}
    • Controlled noise. {one time}
    • Follow some tutorial. {one time}
  • Soldering. {REGULAR}
  • Project-based. Decide on the skills required to work on a given project and then build the workshop around that. Spread knowledge. Practical application.
  • Crafting
  • Guest instructors.
    • Bonnie
    • Someone from MICA
    • Just some art person
  • Target a specific group.
    • Women
    • MICA students
    • Craft people. (Craft Mafia, some seasonal event)

Potential Workshop Dates[edit | edit source]

  • prime-numberth day-of-week in month

Stumbling Blocks[edit | edit source]

  • Lazy (just lazy)
  • Indecision (hard to pic from 1 bajillion instructables)
  • Equipment (we can order stuff!)

What Has Worked[edit | edit source]

  • Walk away with something that works.

Actual Event Dates[edit | edit source]

  • Aug 11 - Processing with Jesse Kriss
  • Aug 23 - Media Arts with Joshua Penrose
  • Aug 28 - Freeduino build fest (intro to soldering)
  • Sept 8 - Sketchup
  • Sept 18 - Makerbot Jam Session
  • Sept 27 - Embedded Things
  • Oct 6 - Intro to the Command Line
  • Oct 23 - Using the hell out of Vim.