2010-06-08 Meeting Notes

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Special Agenda Items

  • Adafruit order & Node Parts Order [1]
    • We should put this in
  • Betascape
    • Matt will be doing workshops during the weekend, probably Drawdio
    • We will need to man a table
    • We might be shooting off some sort of rockets
  • Cory Doctrow event
    • We are official sponsors
    • Potluck is up in the air
  • Clear Wireless
    • We are in talks to do some sort of combined project with their advertising agency
  • Inventors show
    • There is a guy (who has done multiple discovery channel shows) who needs a space that looks like a workshop to shoot a pilot, he is interested in using the node

Standard Agenda Items

  • Financials
    • $2,193.44 or so in the bank
    • Megalopolis still owes us monies, we need to talk to them about that
    • Jon has refiled an application for us to solicit donations.
    • Taxes are being done.
    • 16 people have subscribed via Amazon
  • Memberships
    • We've had some people interested