2010-05-11 Meeting Notes

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Special Agenda Items[edit | edit source]

  • Megapolis (jon?) : Friday night through Sunday night, this week. Workshops in the node sat & sun. The space will be open all the time, members can come and hang out, but paid guests will have equipment priority. There will be an open house.

Workshops: 1030AM - 200PM on Sat, we're leading two.

OPEN HOUSE: gala in the LoF gallery, 4:30 - 5:30 PM. This will be the time to come and show your crazy Node face, 'cause the workshop will be open and we can stand around and be awesome. No charge.

  • Parts store order: Approve an amount, then order? OR list, then approve? Who is a parts expert? What do we already have? We're less concerned with little parts, 'cause those are cheap. Much consideration should be devoted to the big ticket items. People seem to like the idea of "everything under $0.25, don't worry about it". Everything else needs to be paid for. A Google doc shall be forthcoming. KELLY WILL DO THIS. (ACTION ITEM)
  • Taxes (jon?) - challenging. We have to figure out what we actually have and list it on a piece of paper. Then we write numbers next to the things on the list, then we give the list to the government, and then they give us other numbers. Jon is still working on taxes, it's pretty much his bag, 'cause he's the treasurer. Nick Farr suggests we file a 990, even though we're not a 501c3. This would be a good faith measure. Bang it out, yo. If we are intending to get 501c3, we should do it before 27 months after date of incorporation. The chances of us existing after that amount of time is slim, so out of sight, out of mind, amirite?
  • Ipad meetup. Bring your ipad and your huge bags of money.
  • Vote to approve Colin Freas as a member
    • Paintball performance was solidly adequate.
  • Approve money t o buy more keys. Like $60 or so. Four keys worth. APPROVED.
  • BETASCAPE - drag racing will be happening, we're pretty sure. Planning meetings? Sign up on lists? I dunno, whatever.
  • OPEN HACKS - we could use a few more open hack volunteers.

Standard Agenda Items[edit | edit source]

  • Financial
    • Taxes, wha?
  • Membership
    • Vote for Colin - approved. He's a member now, still needs to sign a membership agreement. He needs a key, too. Kelly is gonna get 'em (ACTION ITEM).

Attending[edit | edit source]

matt john c alan b colin danielle mark kelly adam sepideh todd joe