2010-04-13 Meeting Notes

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Special Agenda Items

  • Renting situation
  • Metal Lathe (do we want it?)
  • RobotFest plan of action

Upcoming Events

  • Synth Space Jam Party 4/16
  • RobotFest/MMF 4/24
  • Artscape/Betascape 7/16-7/18

Standard Agenda Items

  • Financial
  • Membership

Discuss Previous Decisions & Action Items

  • Matt will research the cost of soldering/science merit badges
  • Matt will propose a MAME Cabinet Awesome Grant
  • We will research an awesome domain name for a power tool drag racing website
  • Mark and Matt will get in contact with Robert Wray of the GRL/BmoreFiber project
  • Jon will setup dues subscriptions. (spoiler: Adam did legwork, Jon hasn't finished it)

New Decisions & Action Items