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Matt, Kelly, Alan, John, Jon, Mark, Adam, Dave
Matt, Kelly, Alan, John, Jon, Mark, Adam, Dave

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Report from the treasurer.

  • Jon says we have ~$2500 in the bank.
  • We're going to get an extension on taxes.
  • Jon is going to seek help from Nick Farr.

Report from the secretary.

  • One dude filled out the form.
  • 20 members, no one new to vote on.

Special Agenda Items[edit | edit source]

  • Renting situation
    • 2nd floor, back of the building
    • We'd like to stay here.
    • Matt will keep trying to get a hold of Sherwin. (ACTION)
    • Mark is willing to look for space casually, we're not going to do a hard

core space hunt. (ACTION)

  • Metal Lathe (do we want it?)
    • Do we have room for it? It's big, but not huge. Very heavy.
    • What would we do with it? Don't know, Jon will figure it out.
    • Jon is in touch with the donor, it's at donor's parents' house. Emil wants

to meet some folks first. (ACTION)

  • RobotFest plan of action
    • When do we need to be there?
    • Bring out projects: electronics kit? NOPE, just the rocket stuff. Need to print a

stencil, cut a tube for a template (size of launcher), a model clinometer should be manufactured. Tape measure

    • Mark is going to contact Estes to see if they'd donate a prize for the

winning rocket. (ACTION)

    • We need a wiki page with a schedule for sitting at the table. Hour by hour,

making sure the table is occupied. Matt will make the wiki page. (ACTION)

    • Jon is going to bring a whiteboard or something to do a leaderboard. (ACTION)
  • T-Shirts
    • Mark's friend can make them and sell them to us, 0 - 100 is $6 apiece.
    • 25 to start would be $7.35, the next 50 would be $5.50 apiece (two color).
    • Do we want cheap T-shirts, or awesome T-shirts?
    • Mark is going to survey the community to see if anyone is interested. (ACTION)
  • Merchandising in general?
    • Matt would rather sell Obama circuit boards than t-shirts.
  • Organizational purchase. Parts store? Get organized.
    • We need stuff and we need somewhere to put stuff.
    • Bucket of Legos. Be awesome, use it and put it back. If you're going to

incorporate it into a project, put in some dollars.

    • No matter what we do, before we order, we'll have to have a plan for

getting that thing organized.

    • Mark suggests we vote to dedicate $60 to $80 (up to $1000) to setting up the

parts store. Jon suggested we can vote to spend online, but first we need a plan. Mark can start the planning for the parts store, we can start an email thread and a wiki page. Alan suggested Harbor Freight. (ACTION)

Upcoming Events[edit | edit source]

  • Defcon
    • Kyle H. is organizing a local Defcon group and seeking folks from Charm Sec,

Dojo Sec, 2600, etc. It seems like there's a desire to learn, but there's isn't a lot of connection and organization between orgs.

    • His personal goal is monthly presentation and social event.
    • Mark can host for any events.
  • Synth Space Jam Party 4/16
    • Fridge is stocked. Justin is going to lead the thing.
  • RobotFest/MMF 4/24
    • Awesome. See above.
  • Artscape/Betascape 7/16-7/18
    • We're going to bring the DIY, fo' shizzle.
    • Matt can set up the wiki page to track which spaces have been contacted will reach out. (ACTION)
    • Egg drop?
    • Mark will bring the green laser and we can set up the Graffiti Writer again.
    • They're open for whatever.
    • Power tool drag racing? $1000 if we can get sponsorship.
  • Megalopolis Audio Festival, 5/14-5/16
    • Five workshops happening in the space (and we don't have to do jack).
    • Jon will be organizing our proposal and is in contact with the organizers.
    • Jon will make a wiki page to organize managing the space during the event. (ACTION)
  • Collab, wtf?
    • Justin can't support it, so will someone else.
    • Matt's question is, is anyone interested in running it? Sounds like no one

is interested in doing it, so that's that.

Standard Agenda Items[edit | edit source]

  • Financial
  • Membership

Discuss Previous Decisions & Action Items[edit | edit source]

  • Matt will research the cost of soldering/science merit badges
  • Matt will propose a MAME Cabinet Awesome Grant (ACTION)
  • We-will-research-an-awesome-domain-name-for-a-power-tool-drag-racing-website.com
  • Mark and Matt will get in contact with Robert Wray of the GRL/BmoreFiber project (defunct)
  • Jon will setup dues subscriptions. (spoiler: Adam did legwork, Jon hasn't finished it)

New Decisions & Action Items[edit | edit source]

Attending[edit | edit source]

Eight members in attendance, two guests.

Matt, Kelly, Alan, John, Jon, Mark, Adam, Dave