2010-03-16 Meeting Notes

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Special Agenda Items

  • Alan's Box
    • Apparently someone appropriated Alan's project box for the recycling bin and he has requested we stop using it for that. We now need a recycling bin. Also, that wasn't awesome. (Alan volunteered it for a party, but forgot to reclaim it afterwards. Thus, he was un-awesome.)
  • Maker's Faire Update
    • Try to organize a soldering workshop
    • We should market it
    • Maker's Faire Tool Race (probably not possible)
  • Google Fiber update
    • Robert Wray and us need to follow through on the GRL project
    • It's going well and there's hope of us making a good case to google
  • Parts store
    • Step One: Make space, donate and organize (IE get containers) what we have
    • Step Two: Figure out what we need (propose list) (I can help with this Abachman 03:20, 17 March 2010 (UTC))
    • Step Three: Hack
  • Marque with SparkyJr
    • There is an exhibit down in Harbor East that is showcasing his awesome Telepresence robot
  • Arcade Box
    • TV and mount (Mark has TV, we will build mount)
    • Buttons, joysticks and USB interface (Matt will submit an application for an Awesome Grant)
    • Computer setup (Still working on this one)
  • Upcoming events
  • Past Events update
    • Mark's Workshop: Went well, 15-16 people, interesting crowd. Good words, people accomplished and a good number of people learned how to solder.

Standard Agenda Items

  • Financial
  • Membership
    • We have a new member, Mike Kornbluh!

Decisions & Action Items

  • Matt will research the cost of soldering/science merit badges
  • Matt will propose a MAME Cabinet Awesome Grant
  • We will research an awesome domain name for a power tool drag racing website
  • Mark and Matt will get in contact with Robert Wray of the GRL/BmoreFiber project


  • Jon Lesser
  • Alan Baumbusch
  • Mark Huson
  • Matthew Forr
  • Todd & Sepideh Miller
  • Alan Grover