2010-02-16 Meeting Notes

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Special Agenda Items[edit | edit source]

Some starter agenda items:

  • Hackerspaces in Space
    • We are signed up and committed to wining
    • Work on proposal
  • Node Awesome Grant
    • Timing - Monthly, as needed or other model
    • Purpose - Node projects
    • How much to disburse at a time
      • Upper limit
    • How many people should be involved?
    • Are there any strings attached?
      • Write a blog post
      • Give a presentation
  • Support Google Fiber in Baltimore
    • Baltimore Node supports
  • Techno Swap Debrief
    • Made $125 from selling things that Alan didn't REALLY need
  • Upcoming events:
  -Arduino workshop on the 27th (needs to be added to the calendar)
  -Minnie Maker Faire @ Robotfest on April 24th  (needs to be added to the calendar)
  -Collab Wednesday and Open Hack Thursdays
  -Processing workshop/meetup

Standard Agenda Items[edit | edit source]

  • Financial
    • Approx 2k in the bank
  • Membership
    • No new members or unmembers

Decisions & Action Items of last Month[edit | edit source]

  • Matt gets projector (Done)
  • Mark will talk to kickball friend about a quote (???)
  • Please come up with your t-shirt ideas (???)
  • Reach out to meetup groups about using our space (Jon)
  • Matt is going to start working on a marketing plan/outline, contact him if you want to help

Decisions & Action Items[edit | edit source]

  • Adam will work on RFP wiki page
  • Mark will commission a flyer for the Arduino workshop

Attending[edit | edit source]

  • Jon Lesser
  • Kelly Egan
  • David Cummings
  • Alan Baumbusch
  • Mark Huson
  • Matthew Forr
  • Wes
  • Adam B
  • Justin Sabe