2010-02-02 Meeting Notes

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Standard Agenda Items

  • Financial
    • Its good
    • Rent and utilities are paid
    • Checks are coming in
  • Membership
    • No new members
    • Avery Boyce, Matt Shirley and Patrick Roanhouse are no longer members

Special Items

  • Mid Atl Mini Maker Fair
    • Hackerspace table
    • Still planning and organizing
    • If you know people that want to be involved email Gary Mauler gary.mauler AT ngc.com
    • At the Electronics National Museum, unkown date (April)
  • Techno-Swap-Fest is Saturday 13th at 9am
    • Jon is going with a bunch of junk
    • You can bring your stuff too, please come
  • Kinetic sculpture race
  • Stickers
    • Ordered and on the way, they are awesome
  • T-Shirts
    • Investigate QR Code for t-shirts
  • Event Proposal
    • Mark is working on coordinating a Boarduino workshop
  • Kegerator
    • Is coming
  • The future of hackerspaces in Baltimore

Decisions & Action Items

  • Matt gets projector
  • Mark will talk to kickball friend about a quote
  • Please come up with your t-shirt ideas
  • Reach out to meetup groups about using our space (Jon)
  • Matt is going to start working on a marketing plan/outline, contact him if you want to help


  • Jon Lesser
  • Kelly Egan
  • David Cummings
  • Alan Baumbusch
  • Mark Huson
  • Matthew Forr
  • Wes