2009-11-03 Meeting Notes

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Agenda[edit | edit source]

Standard Agenda Items[edit | edit source]

  • Financial update (Mark)
    • Monies Out
      1. Rent
      2. Utilities for two months
    • Monies In
      1. No monies in
      2. Possibly some money from the circuit bending workshop
  • Membership update (Matt)
    1. No new members
  • Heads up mention of upcoming events and pointers to info.
    1. Art && Code in Pittsburgh November 6th – 8
    • We have a hotel room in Pittsburgh at the Wyndham
    • Be sure to steal workshop materials
    1. SketchUp Workshop on November 21 @ 1:00pm
    • Check action items
  • New things in the space: AV system, projectors, microscope, vintage radiation detector, other stuff?
    • Nifty
  • Solder/Multimeter workshop: what went well and what we learned [Sepideh (leader), Matt (participant), Mark (observer)]
  • Check in on action items from last week
    1. Get more chairs
    • Two more!!
    1. Find people to offer workshops
    • Arduino thermometer workshop is on it’s way
    1. Matt will research and begin building an intro to processing/programming class
    • Still working on it
    1. Baltimore Nodecast
    • Let’s produce more ad-hoc content
    1. Jon will bring in sponges
    • We have sponges
    1. Mark will write Sepideh a check
    • Done
    1. Aaron has been authorized by a vote to spend $50 +-10 for parts for the Circuit bending workshop
    • We now have a stash of pots, switches, LEDs, resisters and goodies. They’re around.
    1. Matt will talk with West about administering the server
    • I still need to talk with West
    1. Mini Fridge would be great
    • It’s on the way
    1. Need to finish windows
    • Build // Hack // Taco
  • Short notes on personal projects or other wise interesting projects.

Special Items[edit | edit source]

  • Should we move to bi-monthly meetings?
    • Board of directors will discuss and figure it out
  • Potential Donations
    • Know that as a member you can respond to this.
    • Next year let’s consider running a e-cycle program.

Decisions[edit | edit source]

  • Setup eventbrite for SketchUp
  • Promote SketchUp
  • Keep an eye out for extra soldering irons

Attending[edit | edit source]

  • Justin Sabe
  • Alan Baumumsch
  • Mark Huson
  • Jon Lesser
  • Matthew Forr
  • Steve Stowell

Minutes[edit | edit source]