2009-09-29 Meeting Notes

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Standard Agenda Items

  • Financial update (Mark)
  • Membership update (Matt)
  • Short notes on personal projects or other wise interesting projects.
  • Heads up mention of upcoming events and pointers to info.
  • Check in on action items from last week
    1. Get more chairs

Special Items

  • T.G.I.M.B.O.E.J has arrived from HacDC. WTF now?
  • Two Hands to visit the Node tonight around 9ish.
  • (Art && Code) Thursdays
  • Move AC units out
  • Distributing flyers for Soldering workshop
  • Mascot Nominations Phase 1b (time permitting)


  1. Add member price for eventbright
  2. Pay bill for insurance
  3. Adam needs to come pickup his AC unit
  4. Figure out the math for a keg for party
  5. Acquire materials for the party