2009-09-15 Meeting Notes

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Standard Agenda Items

  • Financial update.
  • Membership update.
  • Short notes on personal projects. Six words about what's at the top of your list.
  • Events - supremely brief mention of upcoming events and pointers to info.
  • Check in on action items from last week
    1. Get more chairs
    2. Mark will need to bring in his bookshelf and comfortable futon
    3. Ask Mark to ask himself to pay dues
    4. Business cards/stickers and slogan
    5. Kelly will discuss with Sherwin about all of our utilities
    6. Kelly will contact Sherwin about our current internet situation

Special Items

  • Insurance details
  • Signage / window paint
  • Install Internet line


  1. Futon - Mark
  2. Webapp - Mark
  3. Group Membership - Wes
  4. Incoming equipment - Wes
  5. Workshop discussion – Aaron
  6. Nathaniel Wes Thing
  7. Node mascot – Mark


  • Mark will bring in his bookshelf and futon
  • Justin Sabe is now a member
  • Aaron will be organizing some sort of circuit bending workshop


  1. Jon Lesser
  2. Mark Huson
  3. Matthew Forr
  4. Kelly Egan
  5. Steve Stowell
  6. Nathaniel Filardo
  7. Aaron Brewer
  8. Justin Sabe


  1. Financial Update
    1. $1,261 in the bank
      1. In
        1. Dues are coming in already
      2. Out
        1. $71.18 for utilities
        2. $218 for insurance
  2. Membership Update
    1. Alan was are last new member
    2. Justin Sabe – potential documents are submitted
      1. Vote – I’s have it
  3. Personal Projects
    1. Matt – rainbowdruino kaldieoscope
    2. Mark – Ditto
    3. Steve – Power metering and LVL Lumber
    4. Erich – guitar pedal workshop
    5. Aaron – Blackboard
    6. Dude – Johns Hopkins filesharing
    7. Justin – Lantern parade, augmented reality fairy
  4. Events
    1. Pedal Hacking Workshop is happening this Saturday
    2. Soldering Workshop              is coming up and the event is online Wednesday 7:30pm
    3. Proposal by Aaron: Circuit bending course
      1. Bring in toys and Frankenstein them together
    4. Singularity Summit in NYC – October 3rd and 4th
    5. MICA Freshman Tour – 3pm Friday of next week
    6. Sunday Night’s tour – function for high-fluting art benefactors presentation and people toured through the space.
  5. Short Notes
    1. Dorkbot was cool, people were interested
  6. Check in on action items
    1. Get more chairs – got one more chairs
      1. Mark volunteers to donate $10 towards stackable chairs
    2. Mark needs to bring in his bookshelf
      1. Vote to bring in futon – I’s have it
    3. Mark will be paying his dues
    4. Buisness cards have been made
    5. Stickers will run $150 for about 1,000 but we will come back to this later
    6. Kelly needs to discuss bills with Sherwin
      1. Spreadsheet has been sent out
      2. Fixed costs account for a large portion of the costs
    7. Internet situation – a line will be run from Sherwin’s office to here, soon.
  7. Special Items
    1. Futon from Mark – Vote to approve and the I’s had said yes
    2. Kelly is working on the window sinage situation, you can view the final result here:
    3. Aaron’s circuit bending workshop – he will be heading up one of these
    4. Nathaniel’s incoming equipment – servers are available dual P3’s via something or the other.
      1. Bring em
    5. Nathaniel – Power supply box/jacks/thingys
      1. Bring em
    6. Nathaniel – JHU Robotics Lab place overlaps with the purpose of the Node possibility and there is interest if they could purchase a corporate membership from us.
      1. Cost?
      2. Access?
      3. Nathaniel will take it back to JHU and see what the deal is.