2009-09-01 Meeting Notes

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Standard Agenda Items

  • Find a volunteer to play secretary (We will have a dedicated secretary after this meeting).
  • Financial update.
  • Membership update.
  • Short notes on personal projects. Six words about what's at the top of your list.
  • Events - supremely brief mention of upcoming events and pointers to info.

Special Items

  • Officer Elections. Please read the election procedure and officer duties before the meeting. If you would like to run for anything, or be willing to accept a nomination for office, please attend.
  • Logo decision. We'll take a look at any and all proposed logos and have a vote to select one. You can present your logo to the group however you choose, printed, on a laptop, napkin sketch, etc.
  • Sign by laws
  • pick office
  • talk about internet
  • money for pedal workshop




  • Avery Boyce
  • Silvia Chi
  • Kelly Egan
  • Mark Huson
  • Adam Bachman
  • Sepideh Miller
  • Jon Lesser
  • Matthew Forr
  • Steve Stowell


  1. Find a secretary
    1. Matt volunteers
  2. Financial update
    1. August dues brought in $829
    2. Revenue for Sept: $988!
      1. $789 in dues
        1. Alan, Mark and Patrick remaining non-payers.
      2. $248 in donations
    3. Total bank roll: $2,083
    4. Paying out
      1. $600 in rent
      2. $100 approved for workshop materials
  3. Membership update
    1. Alan Baumbusch is a new member now
  4. Personal projects
    1. Mark – working on LCD’s with Arduino LiquidCrystal.h library
    2. Kelly – exploring an LCD button
    3. Matt, Mark, Sepideh – Kaleidoscope for rainbowduino
  5. Events
    1. Electronica Fest
      1. Email detailing volunteer hours, need to collect emails, display banner and distribute flyers while there.
    2. Sunday, September 13th 4-8:30pm open studios at Load of Fun
    3. Open Hack sessions
    4. Intro bits course
  6. Special Items
    1. Officer elections
      1. Jon reviewed the procedures
      2. Nominations
        1. Jon Lesser for president – no other nominations
        2. Kelly Egan for VP – no other nominations
        3. Matthew Forr for Secretary –no other nominations
        4. Mark Huson for Treasure – no other nominations
      3. Officers are now the board of directors
    2. Logo decisions
      1. Group approved to use the logo that is currently on the wiki withstanding font changes
    3. Sign bylaws
    4. Internet service
      1. Options are
        1. Comcast basic biz plan
          2. $10 a month extra
          3. Static IP address
          4. Huge increase
        2. Comcast preferred biz plan
          1. 16mbit down all the time
          2. 2mbit up
          3. Static IP too
        3. Verizon DSL
          1. Save $10
          2. 7mbit down not sure on up
          3. Static IP costs $150 a month
        4. Believe Wireless
          1. 5mbit down 1mbit up something up
          2. They have to put up an antennae up for us at $70 month
    5. Pick office
      1. 120 West North Ave will be our official office space
    6. Address ordering things for pedal workshop
      1. Consider how much we will make from the workshop
      2. Approved $100 for materials for the workshop