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Standard Questions

How much? How big?

  • $750 for 1250 ft^2. We measured the space with a tape measure.

What power is available?

  • 100 amps @ 240v for our floor. Separate metering for each floor. No three phase. Box is relatively modern and easily accessible.

What kind of utilities are included (wireless, water, electric)?

  • None. Water is split with 2nd floor. Gas heating unit. There is an AC unit with large ducting throughout. Landlord turned it on for us. It blew...

What is the approx cost of utilities?

  • About $20 with no one there. Suspect gas heat to be the biggest expense.

Can we weld, cut, grind materials in here?

  • Yep. Cement floors, cinder block wall, and high ceilings.

Do we have roof access? Can we put antennas on the roof?

  • For special purposed only. Probably need to contact landlord when needed.

Policies regarding alcohol

  • "I don't care what you do in there" - Mike

Closest source of pizza/beer?

  • Three blocks from Old Town Pizza and Chicken (featuring lake trout). About a 1/2 mile from "Scores".

Lease length. Early termination fee?

  • Month to month or yearly, our choice.

Security deposit, first/last months rent?

  • One month's rent. If we are going to paint, then it's two month's rent.

Policy on number of keyholders?

  • Standard issue door lock. We can make as many key copies as we want.

Is liability insurance required, if so how much?

  • Yes. Unsure of the minimums, but a million is common.

Hours we can access?

  • 24 / 7

What are the neighbors like?

  • The is one neighbor upstairs. Landlord is not sure if he lives there or just works there. "I think he's an artist, or maybe it's a gallery?" - Landloard. The three other buildings on the Hillen street side of the block are crumbling or burned out. There is a coffee roaster on the next block, but they don't seem to sell the liquid form (the smell is excellent). BG&E has a very large parking lot across the street that is surrounded by barbed wire and a small staffed gatehouse.

Bathroom facilities/water access (slop sink?)

  • A full bathroom with shower. A kitchen with some cabinets, dishwasher and sink. No stove or fridge

What kind of alterations to the space are allowed?

  • Everything is on the table, including opening up the currently bricked up windows (There are two). If we paint, the security deposit is two months rent instead of one.

Landlord enthusiasm scale (How much do they care/like what we're doing?) from 1 to 10, 1 being hate us, 10 being willing to donate cash or space, 5 being neutral.

  • 5 (Jon's estimation) Doesn't care about what we do. Just want to hear from us once a month.

Other notes

  • Right now, there are no windows. But AC/Heater Cooled rooms very fast and would be perfect for many people for events.
  • There is lots of well divided space on the inside.
  • Walls and floor are freshly painted.
  • There is a five foot wide roll up door for moving large things in, or just letting in light.
  • Comes with a fire extinguisher, but it needs to be serviced and certified.
  • The neighborhood is very empty with most of the property vacant and decaying. We would probably be the most active thing in the area.
  • There is some overgrown grass behind the building, but it's not included.
  • Zoned B3
  • Patrick arranged the visit and Matt, Mark, and Jon attended.
  • Matt took some pictures
  • Floor plan
  • Size compared to Load of Fun


  • Can it be easily accessed by bike or on foot? Abachman 02:20, 11 July 2009 (UTC)